Purge Gas CO2-Compressor


  • 1-stage, 2-cylinders, water-cooled, non lubricated, double acting, vertical design
  • Long two-compartment distance piece, acc. to API 618 type C, incl. N2 purge system
  • Motion work, pressure lubricated, including complete piped oil-system
  • Double oil cooler and double oil filter
  • Motor 250 kW(II 2 G EXx de IIC T4), 590 rpm
  • Direct driven, incl. flexible coupling and guard
  • CO2-Compressor as package unit on common heavy duty steel-baseframe
  • Internal piping for gas, cooling water and N2 system with connecting flanges at battery limit
  • Closed cooling water system incl. heating- and cooling-devices with double pump station
  • Heat exchangers for gas- and oil-system. Pulsation dampeners acc. to KoHo pulsation analysis in accordance with API Approach II
  • Complete gas system out of stainless steel
  • Construction acc. to ASME-code, TEMA C
  • Instrumentation for regulation and monitoring for unattended operation
  • Fittings and safety valves according to API 618
  • Volume flow regulation via:
  • Suction valve unloaders in steps of 0-25-75-100%
  • Dedicated for out-door operation, Ex-Zone 1 acc. to ATEX